What's the size of the Madam question and answer room?

ring ng! Recently,
Madam always forgets things.
The box that I held in my hand was not found yesterday.
I asked the little friends all over the place.
Wheres my box?.
The people in the office in a you idiot? The expression pointed to my hand and said,
isnt it in your hand? Also,
todays dinner almost brought home the bowl of the hotel,
and was taken by friends,
the store owner thought I was a woman who couldnt afford to buy a bowl.
Though I am so forgetful,
I will not forget every days updates.
If there is a small motor has recently asked the last question,
Madam will see,
thank you for your support,
but we still have little chance to motor new buddy and did not turn to the brand of Kazakhstan Q & a room specifically involved in see article at the end of 1 looks good to eat Oh ~ wow Q: so much hair,
but the black hair do not feel other colored hair feeling,
is not only a black hair.
Madam said: compared to the perm hair,
black hair has certain limitations in shape,
but not on