Talking doesn't mean being together

ring t reply send you a warm heart to see the night before the friend sent a circle of friends: the best feeling is to find a partner to talk to.
All kinds of topics are endless,
and the repeated language is not boring.
Maybe it is because I usually speak in every day,
is itself a chatter,
and who never had no words to talk.
So it doesnt take much to find a chat partner.
I wish I could meet someone who listens more than he says.
Some people say that love is two people who love each other,
eat lots and lots of food,
and say a lot of things.
If you are not two people together to talk,
care for you in an awkward situation.
as long as two people know each others thoughts,
more eyes and actions are enough to take the place of language.
I prefer the actual action to the language.
The topic of endless talk is very important,
not three at one point,
do not have to waste time.
life is not only tied up by the love of two people,
but also needs to be alone more often,
and needs space for th