Looking forward to positive capital, Wang Penghui does not need to panic, China's future is still very good

ring  newspaper WeChat: chinafundnews [guidance] todays push is May 13th fund newspaper sponsored Institutional Investment Summit content.
The speaker is Shenzhen hope Asset Management Limited (referred to as positive capital) partner Wang Penghui.
The theme is that from the perspective of global economic exchanges,
there is no possibility of a crash in China.
Looking forward to being an asset partner,
Wang Penghui,
I would like to talk about a big thing today and see China from a global perspective.
My topic is China in the world.
So far,
China is no longer our own China.
It is already the worlds china.
Many things are not easy to decide on our own,
but to coordinate in the global framework,
to explore how to do.
No longer,
as in the past or in some countries,
or in regions where they can act arbitrarily and follow their own thinking,
why? China,
which accounts for the world trade ratio,
is now the first,
accounting for 15%.
After Chinas reform and opening up,
the data soared until 2015,