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ring  calligraphy homework (fourth) a Comment No.
1 seemingly able to learn the script.
But the side is too much.
This is a typical Le word.
There may be an error with the pen method.
Two No.
2 works in between they and Ouyang Xun,
but the shape of the structure is not very accurate grasp.
To copy,
read more.
Three 3 works to learn how the script,
stroke detail also need long-term practice,
careful scrutiny.
Sisi works hard pen calligraphy written carefully,
but from the start is not high.
Suggest another model to choose from.
Wu 5 works is brush script loushiming.
The heart is too impetuous,
many strokes are not quiet down to write.
Isnt running as soon.
The 6 works is the Linxi Zhao Mengtiao regular script,
see the learning time is long.
gesture and font are well.
But it seems to be written too quickly.
Seven No.
7 works are learning Qin Li tablet.
is to solve the font,
there is a very important aspect,
is the pen pen strokes and some detail analysis of the place.
It seems that yo