Do not patronize the goddess of their own beauty, but also to make her boyfriend more stylish Oh!

ring le strokes,
to build him into your own special British Wind male god! Madam question: have you ever been bothered by your boyfriends lack of clothes? Boyfriend Yan value and figure are pass,
that is,
clothing products have yet to be raised,
how to do? Madam believes that try the British wind is the best choice to enhance clothing products.
The retro,
natural and elegant style of the British wind can show the nobility and nobility of men.
This style is not only stylish,
but also highlights the temperament,
victory over other styles.
let Madam teach you a few tricks,
to build your own British Wind male god! First of all,
from the beginning of hair style,
the first big back! Big back,
in fact,
there is also a commonly known as oil head,
the most representative of Beckham,
the fashion and self-confidence are obvious.
When the 1.
big backs are flowing! 2.
elegant glasses,
whether business elite or sunshine boy,
elegant gentleman or stay Meng warm man.
British elements,
detail matching is the