S son Wang Xiaofei accompanied Zhang circle of friends to share the good news

ring he news,
Zhang Lanfa s mother circle of friends said: two years ago to Angel home,
now they have a son,
a good character,
and good luck.
I suspected has successfully gave birth to a son,
congratulations! In the picture,
can see,
Wang Xiaofei wears the daughter to appear in the hospital,
the last picture,
appears to be the young childe who just was born.
S agent later confirmed that s at noon today some physical discomfort,
decided to direct production to the hospital physician assessment situation.
I also thank agent through professional physicians and nurses,
Phillips also accompany,
has successfully produced a male baby,
mother and son! A family of three is now four! Wang Xiaofei and Hsu do check and child s husband Wang Xiaofei married for 5 years,
and has 1 year old daughter Wang Xiyue love at the end of October last year,
she was pregnant with a second child,
this years new years Eve happy to announce sex of child is a boy,
for Wang son home,
not she was pregnant with their first child