Let your phone seconds change 3D printer designers are absolutely dead!

ring It can be said to be a revolutionary technology in recent years.
most of the operations are cumbersome and bulky and difficult to carry.
Imagine if a 3D printer is the size of an iPhone package,
and the phone will become one of the more important components.
Does that sound a bit amazing? The product is called OLO checked wrong,
not LOL~,
it is Italy Solido3D company launched the worlds first smart phone to connect the 3D printer.
The method of use is simple - first open the dedicated APP and select the items you want to print.
Then put your cell phone in the OLO base.
Fit the OLO casing.
Pour into a dedicated resin solution.
After a while,
the printed object will automatically grow out.
After printing,
you just remove the object and clean it with warm water.
Its amazing! It was amazing,
too! OLO is also known as the first social 3D printer.
Its co-founder,
Pietro Gabriele,
said: the main driving force behind our work is to break through barriers and create a cheap 3D printer tha