Familiar with the familiar hit you, the champion belongs to Madrid

ons League semi-final second round,
Real Madrid against Manchester City,
Twentieth minutes,
Baer small angle door,
the ball touched Fernando slightly deflected,
hit the far corner column after flying into the goal.
With this goal,
Real Madrid home 1-0 victory over Manchester City,
two round total score of 1-0,
Real Madrid and city rivals Ma Jing to join the Champions League final.
Beijing time on May 29th morning,
the Champions League final will start in Milan city.
The final of the Champions League again said the number of Madrid Derby Champions League 2 - following the 2013-14 season,
coach Simonyi Ma Jing will usher in the second Champions League final coaching career.
The New Champions League team coach 1 coaching career in the first season,
Real Madrid coach Zidane led the team into t