Big secret into the next table girl trouble...

ring t to know every day sitting next to the quiet girl usually in typing as to what? Wearing a smile and taking these troubles,
your hearts activity is beyond my imagination! So we come up in the morning my god! Face unexpectedly grew two blain blain! Must be the last night sleep too late is not good poison tonight must apply a mask to go to bed early so we can see you good make-up acne cover your sister,
did not cover Oh well obviously today what you so ugly is the God you wear today the temperature is very low today,
a little cold but want to wear to buy a new skirt! Well,
there are always opportunities to wear,
and then endure a warm,
and when to wear back to temperature ah?! So we come in,
I do not care to touch the acne good sad,
inferiority on what to eat at noon? Today,
eat light point,
skin to repair,
why havent eat food to take care so much to eat spicy is good for the skin do not eat spicy food can eat what you come you boyfriend two hours did not contact me,
dont know what he is doing