S son Wang Xiaofei accompanied Zhang circle of friends to share the good news

ring he news,
Zhang Lanfa s mother circle of friends said: two years ago to Angel home,
now they have a son,
a good character,
and good luck.
I suspected has successfully gave birth to a son,
congratulations! In the picture,
can see,
Wang Xiaofei wears the daughter to appear in the hospital,
the last picture,
appears to be the young childe who just was born.
S agent later confirmed that s at noon today some physical discomfort,
decided to direct production to the hospital physician assessment situation.
I also thank agent through professional physicians and nurses,
Phillips also accompany,
has successfully produced a male baby,
mother and son! A family of three is now four! Wang Xiaofei and Hsu do check and child s husband Wang Xiaofei married for 5 years,
and has 1 year old daughter Wang Xiyue love at the end of October last year,
she was pregnant with a second child,
this years new years Eve happy to announce sex of child is a boy,
for Wang son home,
not she was pregnant with their first child

Big secret into the next table girl trouble...

ring t to know every day sitting next to the quiet girl usually in typing as to what? Wearing a smile and taking these troubles,
your hearts activity is beyond my imagination! So we come up in the morning my god! Face unexpectedly grew two blain blain! Must be the last night sleep too late is not good poison tonight must apply a mask to go to bed early so we can see you good make-up acne cover your sister,
did not cover Oh well obviously today what you so ugly is the God you wear today the temperature is very low today,
a little cold but want to wear to buy a new skirt! Well,
there are always opportunities to wear,
and then endure a warm,
and when to wear back to temperature ah?! So we come in,
I do not care to touch the acne good sad,
inferiority on what to eat at noon? Today,
eat light point,
skin to repair,
why havent eat food to take care so much to eat spicy is good for the skin do not eat spicy food can eat what you come you boyfriend two hours did not contact me,
dont know what he is doing

Let your phone seconds change 3D printer designers are absolutely dead!

ring It can be said to be a revolutionary technology in recent years.
most of the operations are cumbersome and bulky and difficult to carry.
Imagine if a 3D printer is the size of an iPhone package,
and the phone will become one of the more important components.
Does that sound a bit amazing? The product is called OLO checked wrong,
not LOL~,
it is Italy Solido3D company launched the worlds first smart phone to connect the 3D printer.
The method of use is simple - first open the dedicated APP and select the items you want to print.
Then put your cell phone in the OLO base.
Fit the OLO casing.
Pour into a dedicated resin solution.
After a while,
the printed object will automatically grow out.
After printing,
you just remove the object and clean it with warm water.
Its amazing! It was amazing,
too! OLO is also known as the first social 3D printer.
Its co-founder,
Pietro Gabriele,
said: the main driving force behind our work is to break through barriers and create a cheap 3D printer tha

Is the owner of express rub. What do you think of the conflict

: Yang Di in this issue: vision did not know what to say.
Too irritating! What do you think about it? (WiFi environment watch) horizon handheld video column Beijing Beijing is a stage we are all actors of the exciting one submission portal here to see the bj@WeMedia.
cn 2016 topic comment area last horizon consensus of the people,
how do you say this?

Figure 101greatgoals pres rumor

United fans network Oh can subscribe according to 101greatgoals news,
the Manchester United winger Depe in his Instagram upload a goal for the Reds after the roar of the map,
he left the team this summer in order to clarify the rumors.
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! Welcome to the United fans net official WeChat menu bar Manchester United news information to obtain first-hand information to register Manchester United fans can be registered as a member,
and fifty thousand Reds fans interact more chance to get the official version of the United players Signed Jersey (including club official certificate).
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micro signal WWWMUREDSCOM long,
according to identify two-dimensional code,
pay attention to u

Familiar with the familiar hit you, the champion belongs to Madrid

ons League semi-final second round,
Real Madrid against Manchester City,
Twentieth minutes,
Baer small angle door,
the ball touched Fernando slightly deflected,
hit the far corner column after flying into the goal.
With this goal,
Real Madrid home 1-0 victory over Manchester City,
two round total score of 1-0,
Real Madrid and city rivals Ma Jing to join the Champions League final.
Beijing time on May 29th morning,
the Champions League final will start in Milan city.
The final of the Champions League again said the number of Madrid Derby Champions League 2 - following the 2013-14 season,
coach Simonyi Ma Jing will usher in the second Champions League final coaching career.
The New Champions League team coach 1 coaching career in the first season,
Real Madrid coach Zidane led the team into t