u Ning Kulunga woke up the earth spring Kulun GA tower sea is like a green fairy came from the horizon at infinite bank shake milk color skirt why mid spring wind moment to open sea cold? In the spring on the beach by kneeling in the gracious hospitality salty breath really want is a seagull with wave loading in the sea stop pick silver fiber! I read a lot of poems about the sea,
but it was the first time I saw the sea as a fairy of ice beauty.
Kulunga Queensland in Australia,
where the waters to the emerald green transparent for a Green Fairy / Infinity / coming from the sky.
AndI / shake opalescent skirt / moment goodbye,
really a little unfeeling feeling.
In the face of annual spring breeze without the lonely sea,
the poet willing to own a seagull,
to pick sea loading.
the sea