Tour guide or shopping guide, CCTV reporter experience investigation, ultra low-cost tour group

le source: CCTV finance can see some cheap travel advertising in almost all city near the popular tourist and scenic spots: Line perfect,
affordable price,
even far less than their purchase price to play.
But does it look like a cheap tour? Is it really cheap? CCTV reporter recently made unannounced visits to this.
440 yuan Jiuzhai 4 day tour? Guide: we're way the reporter arrived at the Chengdu City Star Road two No.
76 Street No.
12 cloth of Sichuan province Chinese international travel service limited liability company,
and signed a four day contract Jiuzhai Huanglong,
the price is 440 yuan.
According to the market price,
only Jiuzhaigou Huanglong tickets,
sightseeing car need 510 yuan,
here 440 yuan of 4 day tour,
cheap incredible.
Plus the tourists travel fare and accommodation,
how t