Too awesome in the South China Sea Island had become so kind

e! Recently,
some netizens exposed the four major islands and reefs of the South China Sea: the satellite photos of Zhu Bi Island,
the eternal hot island,
the beautiful island and the red melon island.
It can be seen that the construction work on the island is in full swing.
New airport,
new pier,
New District,
new Conta Cotuzzi live! On the island of Bi Island,
the island looks perfect.
Can the tour be opened?! This building looks beautiful,
tourist routes open up must go for a ride! There are all the zebras on the land.
Is this the city? In the past,
our soldiers ran a step only around half a basketball court circles,
called a suffocating oh.
he can Sahuan,
runway 3 kilometers,
the stadium has plastic runway,
a standard football field,
a basketball court and a tennis court,
want to