[reminder] where the dead crayfish, reporters unannounced visits to the truth is too terrible

P reporter: Li Manying Zhang Wanjun (ID:ctdsbgfwx) recently,
the public Mr.
he reflected,
he went to Wuhan baisazhou agricultural largest market to buy lobster aquaculture area found on the market,
someone special recycling dead shrimp,
whether these dead shrimp will be used as what? (network picture) the public to report: some people buy dead shrimp away in Baishazhou market market,
workers dying shrimp onto trucks ho 32 year old,
is the owner of a restaurant in Hankou.
Every morning,
he will go to baisazhou agricultural largest wholesale market some aquatic products,
dragged back to the store as raw material.
when he bought goods,
found that some people in the market dedicated to dead shrimp.
They recovered the dead shrimp at a low price and carried it out of the plastic box ou