Morning, Flitto ETS won million B round of financing to pay WeChat general manager Wu Yi leaving to join the music stage

hat's general manager,
has left the company.
Ben Ng is reported to have been transferred to music and has served as president of the music division.
It is reported that Wu Yi entered the Tencent in 2007,
he served as deputy general manager of financial payment and WeChat paid the first general manager.
It is worth mentioning that,
during his tenure in office,
in January 2014,
WeChat launched WeChat payment,
mobile payment phenomenon products.
Flitto ETS won  million B round of financing,
led by the SBI investment,
A round of investment DSC and 5 other investment institutions with investment.
Easy is a live online mutual translation platform,
support 18 languages.
Important information WeChat paid general manager Wu Yi for personal reasons,
Zhang Ying took over the WeChat team confirmed