How will the three major problems in Beijing evolve in the future?

f Beijing,
always be asked: still plug in five rings? I can't see the Imperial Palace again today.
Is it still available? (the last one though as the universality of the problem,
but as the capital Beijing has the obligation to play an exemplary role in advance!) The three problems in the future will be the fate of human capital for each decide on what path to follow,
BMW was also concerned about the direction of the problem,
so he dispatched the BMW VISION NEXT 100 concept car! The problem will be this: / 1.
singing songs of the five rings in the traffic jam,
says TA In the future,
even in the current most crowded second ring,
you can also casually come to an expected trip.
Just like energy,
ready to travel in Sanlitun in the morning to drink a cup of coffee at