[health] she has this disease 20 thousand steps a day. She should look at people who walk for a long time

n health (ID:mmaijiu),
integrated network now,
brush circle of friends has already become necessary to do many things every day,
there are a lot of people feeling,
see the circle of friends always feel that others than themselves.
Xiaobian want to tell you,
really not necessarily! For example,
today to say this,
because WeChat drying steps addiction,
every runaway 20000 step,
the results suffered from synovitis.
Zhao is a private company in Qingdao city workers,
working every day in front of the window,
for a day,
her weight from 50 kg up to 70 kg,
height was short of her,
is fat.
After the Spring Festival this year,
under the recommendation of her colleagues,
played a fitness exercise,
began drying steps.
Every day after work,
even later,
still in the district on dozens