Do you still wear bras like this? It hurts most of the breast

ing steel mark,
this is more obvious,
direct description bra cup selection is too small.
You know,
the rims can be like a frame,
this should be the outline for the chest and then give it a supporting force,
but if the pressure in the chest is too small,
it will be like tofu as the original belongs to the breast fat to cut it out,
the breast will be getting smaller.
You know,
the 70% component of the breast is fat,
reduce fat,
natural breasts will shrink.
On the cup,
along the space swing or too pressing chest empty,
indicating that the cup is too large,
pressure chest shows that the cup is too small.
Stick out a mile。 2,
the back has a mark,
this is also a very intuitive problem,
usually shows that the bottom edge is too tight,
you need to enlarge the size.
Or the bottom is too narrow,