Could you point the micro maxima must do their own horses

would like to write some of their own life experience,
to young comrades in arms.
Many years before entering the community,
have become small,
young and frivolous,
dream of soaring.
the plot is like the film's male protagonist fell,
fell into their own dug in the pit.
It has a big heart,
never think of failure to beat themselves,
also firmly believe that they can rise again,
but the heart is still longing at a bole appeared,
we found that this horse One aims for the far-off future.
it has been proved that most of the cases are correct in history,
and there are often thousands of miles in the world.
Out bad luck,
not to see the horses.
Of course,
now looking back,
was himself in the eyes of others,
but it is probably a halt