A 24 year old female teacher sitting on the front of the car ride drops were robbed postmortem had photographed the license plate to her husband

car accident again.
May 3rd evening,
Shenzhen Nanshan police informed that,
a 24 year old female teacher on the evening of May 2nd to ride the net about the car,
the driver was taken to the remote place,
forcing her to hand over the property,
killing him.
Confirmed by the police,
the victim hit the vehicle and the software does not match the information displayed on the vehicle,
the net license plate is fake.
9 in the evening sitting net about the car of Shenzhen killed in a primary school female teacher bell in May 2nd at 9 pm,
and call on a ride from the Nanshan High tech Zone to Baoan manhole using pieces of software.
She is very protective,
after the car also took the license plate number,
sent to the family.
the family call their phone,
but no longer be able to contact