Why to eat egg weight in the beginning you have to understand these customs

twenty-four lunar solar term in seventh solar term,
first solar term in summer,
every May 5th or 6,
the sun reaches 45 degrees at the beginning of summer solar term.
Bucket refers to the southeast,
Victoria was the beginning of summer,
things are far older,
was also the beginning of summer.
Xin Qiji word cloud: run up,
shower a price.
The farther tree sun,
how scenery picture.
Blue flag liquor,
the hill river,
just like another world,
mountain water,
no matter this summer.
Afternoon drunk wake up,
loose window bamboo door,
myriad natural and unrestrained.
Wild birds flying,
and general leisure.
But the strange white gull,
looked at the man,
not to.
The old leagues are here,
don't talk.
In fact,
it is a very important festival,
there are also many folk customs and taboos,
and are d