There was no fan, and the hair dryer was overturned like this

w technology ID:new4life Dyson (Dyson) is a popular brand in recent years began,
a like alien technology like the vacuum cleaner and electric fan to fan,
has many aerodynamic aspects of black technology.
Dyson's Black & bladeless iconic products and a,
is still in the air flow as a function,
it is the most commonly used small electric hair dryer called Dyson Supersonic strange hair dryer,
which his family has been black & Appearance: no! Yes! Fan! Leaves! In this way,
human nature! No! Yes! Fan! Foliage! JamesDyson James Dysondyson,
founder of the brand industrial designer,
inventor of the vacuum cleaner inventor of this is that you have seen at the mall,
but did not dare to buy Dyson bladeless fan but you hair dryer,
not only to blow ah,
but also have electric wire Oh ~ ~ other