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445 tomatoes,
140 kinds of 83 kinds of peppers,
eggplant 54,
71 onions,
63 goats,
38 pigs,
33 cattle,
17000 kinds of products in the mediterranean.
Biodiversity ranks first in the world,
not even on the tip of the tongue! Eataly,
which gives the data,
is a Italy supermarket that is popular all over the world.
In addition to selling vegetables,
it also ambitious: vegetables,
save the country.
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org byAndreas Reisert picture: students actually in the supermarket outing? One morning,
I met a group of middle school students at Eataly Lingotto store in Turin.
Why did we choose a supermarket for our spring outing today? This is not an ordinary supermarket.
A seemingly Eataly staff leader sister meanders.
The students'