The so-called father and daughter, a mother, but is watching his back, drifting away

e so-called father mother tube a,
simply means that you and his fate is constantly drifting away in this present life after his figure.
You are standing at this end of the path,
watching him disappear into the corner of the road,
and he tells you in silence that you don't have to chase.
The | watched Long Yingtai Huaan on the first day of primary school,
I started and his hand,
walked through a few streets,
to Vitoria primary school.
At the beginning of September,
every family in the yard of apple and pear was decorated with a fist sized fruit branches because of bearing heavy drooping,
beyond the hedge,
hook to passers-by hair.
Many a lot of children are waiting for the first bell on the playground.
A small hand,
mom circle in the palm,
white eyes,
looked around.
They are graduates o