The beauty plan allows 5 cool stars to accompany you through the summer

here! You changed your new clothes.
How about your hair style? As we pursue beauty,
comfort is also important.
COCO today is to share with you,
5 super popular cool hair,
let you comfortably smug! Low ponytail,
entry-level simple pony tail,
really practical and chic.
Reduce the height of the horsetail,
do not have a lasting appeal,
change from the center of the back of the head to the back of the ear,
more feminine.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - star model against the three girl aura of Rossi Huntington,
a career best.
In addition to the handsome uncle escort her boyfriend,
the variety of modeling is also super point.
Half a meatball.
If you think the ball is loose,
then don't miss it.
It is not only a leisure style style,
even the stars attended the event will also choose a half! A half s