She traveled all over the world in a country full of flowers, just to bring a fragrant dream to 99 of the people

ill melt,
the breath will stop,
and the fragrance will go forward like a soul.
- Guangzhou - grass Studio - people who play with perfume or play with essential oils know that the obsession with the aroma,
that is,
fell into a huge pit.
For those delicate flowers and ethereal soul,
you have to pay a lot of money and effort.
10 ml French Rose essential oil and 200 grams of gold.
Which one would you choose? She chose the former without hesitation.
She is one of the founders of flower and pillow studio.
She is also a yoga teacher and a professional therapist.
In December 20,
8 months to do the flower oil studio to earn money,
donated to the 52 elderly leprosy in Yunnan.
That afternoon,
she sat in the studio French window,
smelling the aroma,
thought the old people must not know wh