m of parents public workshops Speaker: Dr.
Deepak Dudmand [Print] time: May 21-22,
Guangzhou original 4000,
father's Day gift only love is boundless,
site fees: 880 yuan / person,
three people group purchase 680 yuan / person this year only once,
now only a few places,
a course outline 1.
the relationship between the partners 2.
understand the relationship between attraction and interest 3.
interdependence of both 4.
- 5.
the decision to have children of interest and responsibility 6.
understand parents identity 7.
the meaning of why we want / need a child? The start of the 8.
parental responsibility: during pregnancy,
pregnancy before the 9.
trimester fetal perception between the 10.
birth to four years old 11.
5 to 12 years old - age 1) growth of the child's diet 2) sense of responsibili