In May the stock market the most dangerous month (attached Operation Guide)

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financial reporter circle concerned about us.
Thanks to the China securities online (cnfol-com),
the comprehensive securities market weekly,
red week (hzkstock),
securities times,
data treasure (shujubao2015),
Guangzhou Bandung (WL66618988),
I hereby thank you! The first day of the festival of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market anti recent shrinking Yindie trend,
a good beginning.
But the amount of energy shortage also let revealed that the market is still weak,
today (May 4th) two,
has not been able to rally continued yesterday,
but again within a narrow range of differentiation,
let a person have a rebound tour feeling,
which once again let investors see the market direction.
Wall Street stock market proverb SellinMayandgoaway,
that is,
May cleara