In March Mobile Games loyal users purchase costs fell 7 to 21 to buy out

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WeChat) according to the latest report of marketing technology company Fiksu shows that,
after the February increase,
the cost of buying Mobile Games loyal users has declined,
in March was reduced to .
7% lower than in February.
in March,
the total downloads of the top 200 free applications in iOS also declined,
down 7% to 7 million 600 thousand times in February,
down 11% from a year earlier.
Fiksu said,
with the emergence of the application of internal marketing,
CPI index is no longer worth reference.
Fiksu said in a report,
such as the exponential trend over the past few months is shown,
it is obvious that people decline for the application of fanaticism,
although the application still dominates the users consumption in mobile devices,
but have been di