If you don't reach India, never step East

ng。 A few months ago,
we began to enjoy the lecture of audio,
which has been appreciated by many readers,
and we are paying more and more attention to the unique experience that sound can bring to people.
This complicated world,
we need to carefully listen to the voice of your heart.
So we decided to launch a bedtime meditation class.
Every evening,
read on,
enjoy the WeChat public,
and enjoy a moment of peace.
The healing voice of the city people will give you the most soothing quiet time.
Today's bedtime lesson,
we will talk about the bond between master Xuan Zang and the heart sutra.
He gave away all he had.
The disciples together to say: I quit the three poison body deep can be disgusted with,
should be done has been done,
can not stay long here,
hope to use the practice to Fuhui se