If every city had such a warm cat and dog shelter, there might be no stray cats and dogs in the world

you like,
I'll always be there for you.
Move on,
a pet house,
was taken away from the shelter not long ago,
and when the new owner took him for a walk,
he didn't know why he was bleeding.
So bring him back.
The cage opened,
and it probed outside,
and gingerly stepped out.
Was it a young man who used to raise it? Because sometimes the boy is obviously afraid of men,
but the man in jeans will chase,
catch up in front,
and look back at his face.
The new owner said.
See after found,
originally not,
and then obediently waiting in place.
Although it seems to adapt to the new environment,
but sometimes see it miss the former masters of the appearance.
Lying alone on the balcony,
staring blankly at the courtyard,
the Chihuahua was a spoiled child before she was abandoned.
This cat and dog