How big is the hurricane effect of breaking the boundaries and creating a big eco Super Girls? Crazy

brand marketing case,
ten years of precipitation Super Girls is now back,
and once again sparked a nationwide upsurge.
To sell feelings type of old IP start,
why super women in the Kindle friends memories at the same time,
can set off such a powerful hurricane effect? The culture and entertainment industry with a vulgar words to describe the rich multicolored decorations prospered,
although the flower hundred days of red,
but IP but gave the flower.
Yeh yeh Mermaid with built-in super IP rings,
gold absorption capacity of bursting,
released 25 days at the box office breaking 3 billion 200 million yuan; bone,
Nirvana in Fire Mi months biography IP adaptation not only received high ratings and high hits,
derived from the game and peripheral products harvest; the just