Dongguan discovered the beauty of human body painting nude model feast fruit cover

many businesses have become popular,
attracting customers with human feast.
a bar opened in Taiyuan staged a human feast,
attracted hundreds of people crowd to eat.
In April 23rd,
the theme happy parade opened in Shenzhen.
Simple farmer dress beauty model,
wild herbs Vegetable & Fruit cute cartoon characters,
pastoral labors,
as well as flags team,
along the Lake Road,
a gentleman now singing,
now dancing,
attracted many people to stop taking pictures,
the theme aims at the propaganda of wild herbs nutritional value and health knowledge.
And in April 30th,
a shopping mall in Dongguan,
by the more than 10 catering brand jointly launched 8 varieties,
various delicacy and body painting models placed in a 5 meters of large blue and white porcelain bowl,
to the p