Crying as a dog, the old actor, aged 150 and over, robbed Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo of all the limelight

Jun in the cinema last cry,
was watching the there is only a good mother,
since then it has been a heart of stone with screen feeling,
when touched,
or is sad,
but never drop a tear.
During the May Day holiday,
I went to see Beijing meets the love of Seattle.
From the personal view,
the love between Wu Xiubo and Tang Wei didn't impress me.
I even looked a little embarrassed and felt too long.
The audience's comments on the serious title party film are polarized.
Some believe that the strong set of ancient poetry is too hypocritical affectation,
writing style is very romantic but it is not true.
Some have been moved by the beautiful love of Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo's death.
They think that love talk is accompanied by soothing letters,
leaving too many imaginary beauty.
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