2015, China's domestic hand travel market revenue of billion 500 million, surpassing the United States

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WeChat) recently,
Niko Partners said in a blog,
the market has China Mobile Games from explosive stage to maturity,
although the PC online game market still occupy the largest share,
but the Mobile Games scale has surpassed that of the United states.
According to DataEye,
2015 Chinese Mobile Games market size of  billion 940 million,
but this figure includes the export game revenue,
display independent research conducted by Partners Niko last year,
Chinese domestic Mobile Games income of  billion 500 million,
although higher than the United States,
but compared with the domestic China PC game market size of 8 billion,
is still not a small the gap.
Here we note that,
in the China Mobile Games gaming market accounted for a qualitative leap has emerged,
in 2012,