In May the stock market the most dangerous month (attached Operation Guide)

ing content,
click on the title below,
financial reporter circle concerned about us.
Thanks to the China securities online (cnfol-com),
the comprehensive securities market weekly,
red week (hzkstock),
securities times,
data treasure (shujubao2015),
Guangzhou Bandung (WL66618988),
I hereby thank you! The first day of the festival of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market anti recent shrinking Yindie trend,
a good beginning.
But the amount of energy shortage also let revealed that the market is still weak,
today (May 4th) two,
has not been able to rally continued yesterday,
but again within a narrow range of differentiation,
let a person have a rebound tour feeling,
which once again let investors see the market direction.
Wall Street stock market proverb SellinMayandgoaway,
that is,
May cleara

Why to eat egg weight in the beginning you have to understand these customs

twenty-four lunar solar term in seventh solar term,
first solar term in summer,
every May 5th or 6,
the sun reaches 45 degrees at the beginning of summer solar term.
Bucket refers to the southeast,
Victoria was the beginning of summer,
things are far older,
was also the beginning of summer.
Xin Qiji word cloud: run up,
shower a price.
The farther tree sun,
how scenery picture.
Blue flag liquor,
the hill river,
just like another world,
mountain water,
no matter this summer.
Afternoon drunk wake up,
loose window bamboo door,
myriad natural and unrestrained.
Wild birds flying,
and general leisure.
But the strange white gull,
looked at the man,
not to.
The old leagues are here,
don't talk.
In fact,
it is a very important festival,
there are also many folk customs and taboos,
and are d

It used to be a king, but then it was too windy

funny concentration camp and focus on me! It used to be a king,
then the wind is too big to wind more ruthless,
my heart is rippling!

The beauty plan allows 5 cool stars to accompany you through the summer

here! You changed your new clothes.
How about your hair style? As we pursue beauty,
comfort is also important.
COCO today is to share with you,
5 super popular cool hair,
let you comfortably smug! Low ponytail,
entry-level simple pony tail,
really practical and chic.
Reduce the height of the horsetail,
do not have a lasting appeal,
change from the center of the back of the head to the back of the ear,
more feminine.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - star model against the three girl aura of Rossi Huntington,
a career best.
In addition to the handsome uncle escort her boyfriend,
the variety of modeling is also super point.
Half a meatball.
If you think the ball is loose,
then don't miss it.
It is not only a leisure style style,
even the stars attended the event will also choose a half! A half s

I have no choice but to be strong

f the past.
Someone asked how much money you earn and nobody asked you in recent days you tired you recently by the number of grievances have recently experienced many difficulties how sad recently recently paid a number of little known hard sometimes really tired,
very tired but all this is the only laugh tired tired to accumulate their own experience this tired himself should have no choice but to be strong responsibility,
tired and turned to hug yourself can lose,
but never give up I don't envy others because I know the future income and night hard do not envy others go free I know he had to pay for the price of freedom everything costs regardless of wealth or free career not compare not complain do not care about the package More understanding,
more pay,
life is too short,
don't forg

Blogger, she has wheat colored skin, Bob heads, and a body

ogger Zoe,
Alalouch jewelry,
say love women,
the luck is not too bad.
Even with the wheat skin that does not have much to do with sweetness,
Zoe Alalouch,
a fashion blogger,
is still smiling and ocean friendly and open.
For her,
the summer together can be told in Bohemia,
including her favorite handmade jewelry,
of course.
Fashion blogger Zoe Alalouch jewelry collection important notice!! WeChat has a sticky ~ please call out posters fashion network micro signal top,
prove to seal my position in your heart you NO.
1 ~ every day I declare to the people waiting for what! 123,
do it right away! The lower case: click on read the original poster view network WAP station,
with more new fashion outfit,
the first time to grasp the trend of the star!

[sign] Saipan Island Paradise single dating getaway

og to add micro signal: iiiita,
help you off,
add a single note.
Many singles have found their favorite TA by sharing their travel pictures,
travel experiences,
and single relationships with their trip to the www.
com! A travel photo without makeup,
but can show you something in the journey the most natural,
reliable and attractive.
If you want to find a reliable object,
a lot of love to show themselves in the travel website,
published the odd brigade,
contact your opposite sex would be a lot more Oh ~ if you see the love in the love travel website,
can directly send private messages to communicate (free!) And if you are interested in each other,
through private letter way to contact their way to tell TA,
which can avoid unnecessary harassment.
Reply to single dating,
obtain d

How do dry goods take care of children and babies on board?

u Qing sets: when reproduced from the new European Spanish plane we often encounter some took the child and his parents,
is really very hard,
because for such a small child,
the process of flying is really a very long time,
many times they are can not express their emotions,
can only cry to express their dissatisfaction.
Mom and dad have to constantly comfort their children.
Really let Qing fall feel parents difficult,
and today would like to talk about taking the children out,
how to take care of these children on the plane?.
Getting ready for the plane and buying an airplane ticket is the most important thing before the plane.
The child's plane ticket is divided into two kinds: Baby ticket and children's ticket.
Children under the age of 2 need to buy a baby ticket with no separate seats

Dongguan discovered the beauty of human body painting nude model feast fruit cover

many businesses have become popular,
attracting customers with human feast.
a bar opened in Taiyuan staged a human feast,
attracted hundreds of people crowd to eat.
In April 23rd,
the theme happy parade opened in Shenzhen.
Simple farmer dress beauty model,
wild herbs Vegetable & Fruit cute cartoon characters,
pastoral labors,
as well as flags team,
along the Lake Road,
a gentleman now singing,
now dancing,
attracted many people to stop taking pictures,
the theme aims at the propaganda of wild herbs nutritional value and health knowledge.
And in April 30th,
a shopping mall in Dongguan,
by the more than 10 catering brand jointly launched 8 varieties,
various delicacy and body painting models placed in a 5 meters of large blue and white porcelain bowl,
to the p

Crying as a dog, the old actor, aged 150 and over, robbed Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo of all the limelight

Jun in the cinema last cry,
was watching the there is only a good mother,
since then it has been a heart of stone with screen feeling,
when touched,
or is sad,
but never drop a tear.
During the May Day holiday,
I went to see Beijing meets the love of Seattle.
From the personal view,
the love between Wu Xiubo and Tang Wei didn't impress me.
I even looked a little embarrassed and felt too long.
The audience's comments on the serious title party film are polarized.
Some believe that the strong set of ancient poetry is too hypocritical affectation,
writing style is very romantic but it is not true.
Some have been moved by the beautiful love of Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo's death.
They think that love talk is accompanied by soothing letters,
leaving too many imaginary beauty.
Watercress users gi

Tell you what love is in movies

arah McLachlan,
Beijing film today three strikes in Seattle,
Tactic neighbors bear 2 | ghost town.
The menu bar 'looks no'

The so-called father and daughter, a mother, but is watching his back, drifting away

e so-called father mother tube a,
simply means that you and his fate is constantly drifting away in this present life after his figure.
You are standing at this end of the path,
watching him disappear into the corner of the road,
and he tells you in silence that you don't have to chase.
The | watched Long Yingtai Huaan on the first day of primary school,
I started and his hand,
walked through a few streets,
to Vitoria primary school.
At the beginning of September,
every family in the yard of apple and pear was decorated with a fist sized fruit branches because of bearing heavy drooping,
beyond the hedge,
hook to passers-by hair.
Many a lot of children are waiting for the first bell on the playground.
A small hand,
mom circle in the palm,
white eyes,
looked around.
They are graduates o

How big is the hurricane effect of breaking the boundaries and creating a big eco Super Girls? Crazy

brand marketing case,
ten years of precipitation Super Girls is now back,
and once again sparked a nationwide upsurge.
To sell feelings type of old IP start,
why super women in the Kindle friends memories at the same time,
can set off such a powerful hurricane effect? The culture and entertainment industry with a vulgar words to describe the rich multicolored decorations prospered,
although the flower hundred days of red,
but IP but gave the flower.
Yeh yeh Mermaid with built-in super IP rings,
gold absorption capacity of bursting,
released 25 days at the box office breaking 3 billion 200 million yuan; bone,
Nirvana in Fire Mi months biography IP adaptation not only received high ratings and high hits,
derived from the game and peripheral products harvest; the just

Take a picture of your mother for your mother's Day Photo

he top of the beauty camera focus on your yen value consultants have a memory for a long time there is a yearning for a long can have a more warm love called love mom like the sun,
no matter how long,
no matter where you go,
will feel her shining and warm.
Open the camera lens for beauty belongs to her mother to record beautiful moments! For drying out the mother's self rule or mother's photo text with the following information (1) # a self prove how beautiful your mother is # (2) used a word to express love for mother to send beauty camera public solicitation time May 4th -5 7 will select the most beautiful heart the photos let you see how beautiful your mother is in the collection of photographs in May 8th! And help you shout out your love for mom! Click here and take a picture of yo

There was no fan, and the hair dryer was overturned like this

w technology ID:new4life Dyson (Dyson) is a popular brand in recent years began,
a like alien technology like the vacuum cleaner and electric fan to fan,
has many aerodynamic aspects of black technology.
Dyson's Black & bladeless iconic products and a,
is still in the air flow as a function,
it is the most commonly used small electric hair dryer called Dyson Supersonic strange hair dryer,
which his family has been black & Appearance: no! Yes! Fan! Leaves! In this way,
human nature! No! Yes! Fan! Foliage! JamesDyson James Dysondyson,
founder of the brand industrial designer,
inventor of the vacuum cleaner inventor of this is that you have seen at the mall,
but did not dare to buy Dyson bladeless fan but you hair dryer,
not only to blow ah,
but also have electric wire Oh ~ ~ other

If you don't reach India, never step East

ng。 A few months ago,
we began to enjoy the lecture of audio,
which has been appreciated by many readers,
and we are paying more and more attention to the unique experience that sound can bring to people.
This complicated world,
we need to carefully listen to the voice of your heart.
So we decided to launch a bedtime meditation class.
Every evening,
read on,
enjoy the WeChat public,
and enjoy a moment of peace.
The healing voice of the city people will give you the most soothing quiet time.
Today's bedtime lesson,
we will talk about the bond between master Xuan Zang and the heart sutra.
He gave away all he had.
The disciples together to say: I quit the three poison body deep can be disgusted with,
should be done has been done,
can not stay long here,
hope to use the practice to Fuhui se

In March Mobile Games loyal users purchase costs fell 7 to 21 to buy out

GameLook = = =,
WeChat) according to the latest report of marketing technology company Fiksu shows that,
after the February increase,
the cost of buying Mobile Games loyal users has declined,
in March was reduced to .
7% lower than in February.
in March,
the total downloads of the top 200 free applications in iOS also declined,
down 7% to 7 million 600 thousand times in February,
down 11% from a year earlier.
Fiksu said,
with the emergence of the application of internal marketing,
CPI index is no longer worth reference.
Fiksu said in a report,
such as the exponential trend over the past few months is shown,
it is obvious that people decline for the application of fanaticism,
although the application still dominates the users consumption in mobile devices,
but have been di

2015, China's domestic hand travel market revenue of billion 500 million, surpassing the United States

GameLook = = =,
WeChat) recently,
Niko Partners said in a blog,
the market has China Mobile Games from explosive stage to maturity,
although the PC online game market still occupy the largest share,
but the Mobile Games scale has surpassed that of the United states.
According to DataEye,
2015 Chinese Mobile Games market size of  billion 940 million,
but this figure includes the export game revenue,
display independent research conducted by Partners Niko last year,
Chinese domestic Mobile Games income of  billion 500 million,
although higher than the United States,
but compared with the domestic China PC game market size of 8 billion,
is still not a small the gap.
Here we note that,
in the China Mobile Games gaming market accounted for a qualitative leap has emerged,
in 2012,

You need a clock like this to cure your sleeping sickness

the year,
difficult to block incoming chunkun.
How to get up quickly seems like a difficult task.
Now you just need a powerful alarm clock to keep you from going back to your bed.
Barisieur A coffee a day coffee to wake up,
keeps the burden at bay.
British designer Josh Renouf design Barisieur is a coffee clock,
is simply the difficulty of coffee crazy up most of the gospel! The Barisieur is equipped with timing functions,
with a digital display and a switch for the coffee modulator at the bottom.
When the set time is up,
the small steel ball will start running and heat the water.
When the temperature increases,
the running range of the small steel ball increases,
and the coffee machine will begin to work.
the aroma of coffee and the sound of an alarm clock will attack you at the sa

m of parents public workshops Speaker: Dr.
Deepak Dudmand [Print] time: May 21-22,
Guangzhou original 4000,
father's Day gift only love is boundless,
site fees: 880 yuan / person,
three people group purchase 680 yuan / person this year only once,
now only a few places,
a course outline 1.
the relationship between the partners 2.
understand the relationship between attraction and interest 3.
interdependence of both 4.
- 5.
the decision to have children of interest and responsibility 6.
understand parents identity 7.
the meaning of why we want / need a child? The start of the 8.
parental responsibility: during pregnancy,
pregnancy before the 9.
trimester fetal perception between the 10.
birth to four years old 11.
5 to 12 years old - age 1) growth of the child's diet 2) sense of responsibili

The supermarket is poisonous chowhound get out into the

445 tomatoes,
140 kinds of 83 kinds of peppers,
eggplant 54,
71 onions,
63 goats,
38 pigs,
33 cattle,
17000 kinds of products in the mediterranean.
Biodiversity ranks first in the world,
not even on the tip of the tongue! Eataly,
which gives the data,
is a Italy supermarket that is popular all over the world.
In addition to selling vegetables,
it also ambitious: vegetables,
save the country.
Reading time: 3 minutes from the commons.
org byAndreas Reisert picture: students actually in the supermarket outing? One morning,
I met a group of middle school students at Eataly Lingotto store in Turin.
Why did we choose a supermarket for our spring outing today? This is not an ordinary supermarket.
A seemingly Eataly staff leader sister meanders.
The students'

Schmeichel and his sons have great regeneration wonders

Denmark legend goalkeeper Peter - Schmeichel in Manchester to get fifth individual Premiership champions; after 17 years,
his son Caspar to the main goalkeeper status to help Leicester win Premier league.
the two generation,
became the first father and son to win the Premier League title.
Tottenham draw makes Leicester city ahead of two crowned Premier League title,
after the game,
the former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel sent to the legendary son sent congratulations: congratulations to Caspar and his Leicester teammates won the Premier League title.
from the old Schmeichel last time with the Premier League has been in the past 17 years,
when shared with my father that childish boy champion joy,
has now become the two children's dad,
and he was th

If every city had such a warm cat and dog shelter, there might be no stray cats and dogs in the world

you like,
I'll always be there for you.
Move on,
a pet house,
was taken away from the shelter not long ago,
and when the new owner took him for a walk,
he didn't know why he was bleeding.
So bring him back.
The cage opened,
and it probed outside,
and gingerly stepped out.
Was it a young man who used to raise it? Because sometimes the boy is obviously afraid of men,
but the man in jeans will chase,
catch up in front,
and look back at his face.
The new owner said.
See after found,
originally not,
and then obediently waiting in place.
Although it seems to adapt to the new environment,
but sometimes see it miss the former masters of the appearance.
Lying alone on the balcony,
staring blankly at the courtyard,
the Chihuahua was a spoiled child before she was abandoned.
This cat and dog

She traveled all over the world in a country full of flowers, just to bring a fragrant dream to 99 of the people

ill melt,
the breath will stop,
and the fragrance will go forward like a soul.
- Guangzhou - grass Studio - people who play with perfume or play with essential oils know that the obsession with the aroma,
that is,
fell into a huge pit.
For those delicate flowers and ethereal soul,
you have to pay a lot of money and effort.
10 ml French Rose essential oil and 200 grams of gold.
Which one would you choose? She chose the former without hesitation.
She is one of the founders of flower and pillow studio.
She is also a yoga teacher and a professional therapist.
In December 20,
8 months to do the flower oil studio to earn money,
donated to the 52 elderly leprosy in Yunnan.
That afternoon,
she sat in the studio French window,
smelling the aroma,
thought the old people must not know wh