What's the size of the Madam question and answer room?

ring ng! Recently,
Madam always forgets things.
The box that I held in my hand was not found yesterday.
I asked the little friends all over the place.
Wheres my box?.
The people in the office in a you idiot? The expression pointed to my hand and said,
isnt it in your hand? Also,
todays dinner almost brought home the bowl of the hotel,
and was taken by friends,
the store owner thought I was a woman who couldnt afford to buy a bowl.
Though I am so forgetful,
I will not forget every days updates.
If there is a small motor has recently asked the last question,
Madam will see,
thank you for your support,
but we still have little chance to motor new buddy and did not turn to the brand of Kazakhstan Q & a room specifically involved in see article at the end of 1 looks good to eat Oh ~ wow Q: so much hair,
but the black hair do not feel other colored hair feeling,
is not only a black hair.
Madam said: compared to the perm hair,
black hair has certain limitations in shape,
but not on

Do not patronize the goddess of their own beauty, but also to make her boyfriend more stylish Oh!

ring le strokes,
to build him into your own special British Wind male god! Madam question: have you ever been bothered by your boyfriends lack of clothes? Boyfriend Yan value and figure are pass,
that is,
clothing products have yet to be raised,
how to do? Madam believes that try the British wind is the best choice to enhance clothing products.
The retro,
natural and elegant style of the British wind can show the nobility and nobility of men.
This style is not only stylish,
but also highlights the temperament,
victory over other styles.
let Madam teach you a few tricks,
to build your own British Wind male god! First of all,
from the beginning of hair style,
the first big back! Big back,
in fact,
there is also a commonly known as oil head,
the most representative of Beckham,
the fashion and self-confidence are obvious.
When the 1.
big backs are flowing! 2.
elegant glasses,
whether business elite or sunshine boy,
elegant gentleman or stay Meng warm man.
British elements,
detail matching is the

Grass, let me accompany you to buy A from Z, let me accompany you beauty

ring eturn AVbody good evening I am today on behalf of the class small bubble a cute and charming villain HA in the weekend mood following this week and you have God to meet accident ~ you ask why to bubble this week? Im not telling you,
of course,
to help people get better! Deep! Made! La Hee hee today bubbles back to recommend Oh ~ I can think of the most romantic thing is with you and buy buy buy ANESSA gold bottle of Shiseidos sunscreen sunscreen products has been the leader in A to buy Z A,
this is one of many senior ANESSA more care of people are recommended sunscreen products say,
where there is sun light: the sun is the key to safety! No Black! Has been called stock king Oh,
so take advantage of the summer has not completely to quickly Tun goods it good!!! Really good oh ~ B Biotherm Biotherm miracle miracle mask mask,
with gentle use feeling,
and filling nutrition add,
is a rare beauty Jiapin.
Use this Biotherm Miracle Mask to give me full skin shine.
After each use,
the skin has taken o

All I love you some routine is met such people in the stadium

ring et this kind of person on the court? I always thought I was a coach,
an old tennis player What would be a BB for a full day? Play the game play down down down,
dont play with me please routine! -END-

Looking forward to positive capital, Wang Penghui does not need to panic, China's future is still very good

ring  newspaper WeChat: chinafundnews [guidance] todays push is May 13th fund newspaper sponsored Institutional Investment Summit content.
The speaker is Shenzhen hope Asset Management Limited (referred to as positive capital) partner Wang Penghui.
The theme is that from the perspective of global economic exchanges,
there is no possibility of a crash in China.
Looking forward to being an asset partner,
Wang Penghui,
I would like to talk about a big thing today and see China from a global perspective.
My topic is China in the world.
So far,
China is no longer our own China.
It is already the worlds china.
Many things are not easy to decide on our own,
but to coordinate in the global framework,
to explore how to do.
No longer,
as in the past or in some countries,
or in regions where they can act arbitrarily and follow their own thinking,
why? China,
which accounts for the world trade ratio,
is now the first,
accounting for 15%.
After Chinas reform and opening up,
the data soared until 2015,

The difference between sleeping 6 hours and 8 hours every day is a shock

ring  title below the combat network,
focus on 46 year old Sarah Chalmers attended a school sleep experiment in London,
for five consecutive days,
just 6 hours of sleep and sleep 8 hours full face of CF.
Global fitness center,
WeChat |jszones,
come to me with a muscle revolution! Long attention according to the two-dimensional code recognition

Song Xiaobao sang over the audience laugh

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